CBD is an entirely organic cannabis compound that is extracted from hemp, and one that is widely used as a natural and beneficial food supplement. It can be used safely by anyone who wants to balance their diet, improve their general well-being and enhance their lifestyle.

Our vape range, and assortment of creams and balm all contain no THC. Our CBD drops have 0% THC and when used as directed on the containers then these products will not negatively affect any employment drug tests.

We are pleased to say that we will be continuously bringing new products to market. We produce, package and brand all products to ensure safe and effective use. Sometimes this take a little time so stay will us 

We spend considerable time, expense and effort in educating professional bodies in all matters CBD.

Our motto of Be Safe – Be SecureCBD is based on the fact that unlike us, some CBD providers do not act in the interest of the consumer. Other providers (some very well known) have been identified as selling high THC illegal products and under strength CBD products at the detriment to the consumer. Or give incorrect advice on website that contradicts legislation.

Our CBD oil and product range is 100% natural, from the use of hemp to the method that we use to extract the CBD compound. As a completely organic and carefully produced range of products, they provide the ideal dietary supplements packed full of goodness.

Given the nature of CBD and its variable impact on the human form, it’s almost impossible to determine how it will interact with other food supplements and medications. While our ranges of supplements has been fully tested and are known to be safe by themselves, there is always a chance that they could interact with medicine or a specific course of treatment. So, speak to your doctor before introducing CBD supplements into your diet to find out more.