About us

At SecureCBD we strive to ensure that our CBD range is of the highest standard. We provide a bespoke range of tried and tested products that are triple lab tested, adhering to strict rules that regulate the wonderful world of CBD.

SecureCBD promote safe consumption and full transparency in our products, this is why our expert staff not only advises our loyal customers but also has provided training and advice to those on UK law enforcement.

When we began our journey, we liaised with various organisations, professional bodies,  emergency services, industry regulators and legal professionals to ensure that our products are reputable and complaint.

Secure CBD began with the ambition to bring quality CBD products to the market that are safe, effective and provide value for money. We identified that just like in many other legitimate markets, some CBD manufacturers where providing inadequate products that were under the advertised strength of CBD or more worryingly contained higher levels of THC that contravened the Misuse of Drugs Act. 

We liaised with professional bodies including the UK and World Anti-Doping to ensure safe usage we offer a choice of products safe for those in professional sports and protected job roles. This path continued with into police forces, government agencies, and industry leaders to ensure our products met and exceeded expectations. Our products are triple tested and come with our stamp of approval to provide the consumer with the complete peace of mind.

Be Safe – Be SecureCBD